I was in chair massage marketing class on Wednesday.  As we were getting ready for a warm-up exercise, one student walked up behind another,  and paused.

“May I touch?” she asked.

“Of course,” student number two answered, without needing to glance back.

The first gently reached out and tucked the tag of her classmate’s scrubs back inside the neck, where it belonged.

We’ve been together for over a year.  We’ve seen each other in our underwear.  We’ve worked on each others’ butts.  We’ve worked inside each others’ mouths.  We’ve moved each others’ larynges to the side and worked on the muscles beneath.  We’re nothing if we do not trust one another.

And yet.  “May I touch?”

We seek permission.  We respect.  We remain sovereign over our own bodies.

It’s moments like this that make me love my classmates and my profession.

No assumptions.  No violence.  No shortcuts.  

There are a thousand ways to ask, and asking is never wrong.  How could this work we do not be a benefit to the world?

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